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  • Rajesh-A Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal
     Chief, Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business


    Areas of Responsibility: Supervises the work of Enterprise Competitiveness, Trade Support Institutional Strengthening services of ITC besides leading a programme aimed at building public-private collaboration on trade policy reforms and international trade negotiations. These programmes are implemented in the context of supporting LDC’s in accession process to WTO, Regional Integration and providing support for implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.
    Previous Professional Experience: India’s negotiator in the WTO covering Agriculture, TRIPS and Public Health, Rules and Trade & Competition Policy for more than 8 years. He has an experience of over 22 years working in senior positions in Government of India.

    Mohammad Saeed Dr. Mohammad Saeed
     Senior Trade Facilitation Adviser


    ITC Senior Technical Adviser on Trade Facilitation. Before joining ITC, he was Senior Technical Adviser on Trade and Transport Facilitation with Technology and Logistics branch of UNCTAD. He has vast experience of working on trade facilitation issues at national, regional and multilateral level. Prior to his assignment with UNCTAD, he was lead negotiator for Pakistan in WTO negotiations for Trade Facilitation Agreement for six years. His work experience of over 15 years with Pakistan Customs has contributed towards his pragmatic approach based on the ground realities in the TF area.
    Dr Mohammad Saeed holds Masters in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School and LLB from University of London. Besides having a postgraduate degree in Economics from University of London, he has his specialized training in International Trade Law from Harvard Law School.

    Ezequiel Mariano Mr. Ezequiel Mariano Guicovsky Lizarraga
     Senior Business Development Officer


    Mr. Guicovsky Lizarraga has more than ten years of professional experience in trade law field. His work focuses on improving the business environment for SMEs in developing and least developed economies. At ITC specializes in Trade Facilitation and Trade Law. Previously worked with ITC in Trade in Services Programme, and Trade Law and Arbitration areas. Prior to joining the ITC worked as a Lawyer in private practice in Argentina; before worked as public auctioneer & real estate licensee, admitted in 1997.
    He holds a M.A. in International Trade Law, Investment & Banking Law. Iuris Doctor, admitted to Practice Law, 2002. Native bilingual Spanish-Italian; fluent in English and French; intermediate Portuguese and Russian.

    Benjamin Paul Mr. Czapnik, Benjamin Paul
     Adviser, Business And Trade Policy


    At the ITC, Mr Czapnik specialises in trade-related technical assistance on regional integration and trade facilitation. Prior to joining the ITC, Mr Czapnik worked as a lawyer in private practice and as a trade negotiator for Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. On a diplomatic posting to Geneva, he was responsible for DDA negotiations and disputes related to all Rules issues including anti-dumping, subsidies, safeguards and regional trade agreements.
    Mr Ben Czapnik holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne and was admitted to practise as a Barrister and Solicitor in Australia in 2004.

    Pierre Mr. Pierre Bonthonneau
     Junior Professional Officer, Trade Facilitation


    Mr. Bonthonneau has more than 6 years of professionnal experience within private sector: Investment Banking, Logistics Services and Strategy Consulting.
    He holds a Master degree in Corporate Finance. He is fluent in French and English.

    Minow Beate Minow
     Senior Secretary


    Work experience in publications, printing and editing. 25 years of secretarial experience in ITC. Fluent in French, English and German, advanced Spanish, ICDL. Master in Biology and French.

    uyanga Uyanga Dorjgotov


    4 years of experience in banking sector and 6 years of secretarial experience in ITC.
    Fluent in English and Russian. I passed UN proficiency exam of French and obtained ICDL.
    Doing my Ms in Finance at University of London.
    Hobbies: Golf, hiking and literature.

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