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  • Contributing to ITC publications

    ITC works with authors, contributors, peer reviewers, editors, translators and printers around the globe. As an organization with a multicultural audience, most contributors and readers are not native English speakers. To facilitate their work, here are tools that may be of use.

    The ITC Style Guide

    The ITC Style Guide - Fifth edition
    The ITC Style Guide is a useful reference for everyone involved in preparing ITC documents, including managers, authors, editors, translators and proofreaders. The guide has been restructured and redesigned to answer your queries about the basics of ITC style.

    ITC print and online materials serve as the organization’s ‘ambassadors’ to the outside world. As an organization with a multicultural audience, most people reading our materials are not native English speakers. This A-to-Z guide helps ITC present a coherent brand image of an organization speaking with a voice that is clear, professional and authoritative.

    Guidelines for authors

    Are you working on a publication for ITC? Find here a brief outline of the ITC publications programme, audience, writing style, process, submission requirements and editing references.

    Oxford Concise Dictionary

    ITC uses the Oxford Dictionary as its standard English reference.

    UN list of country names

    As part of the United Nations family, ITC adheres to an official list of country names. Correct use of country names is an essential requirement for all ITC publications. Consult the UN terminology pages for the latest list of UN terms, which include the latest list of country names.



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