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About ITC publications

  • ITC publications are designed to help small and medium-sized businesses in developing countries gain a greater share of international trade. They provide practical advice and concise analysis about trade trends and market opportunities.

    ITC publications include sector-specific guides; business competitiveness advice; as well as trade policy and strategy guidance for the business sector. In 2016, standards and regulations are a key focus for the ITC publications programme.

    The ITC publications collection has an active list of nearly 300 titles which are often in English, French and Spanish.

    Notable publications

    smecoIn 2015, ITC launched the SME Competitiveness Outlook, an annual flagship report that analyses the competitiveness of SMEs across countries and regions, providing guidance on where best to concentrate reforms to boost countries’ SME sectors.


    The ITC Coffee Exporter’s Guide, now in its third edition, has been cited as ‘the world reference’ by producers and traders in the industry.

    The Export Quality Management Guide has been customized in 18 countries. The Business Guide to the World Trading System has been produced in over 12 languages by partner institutions around the world.

    Audience and partnerships

    ITC publications serve a diverse audience:

    • Businesses
    • Business associations
    • Funders
    • Public policymakers
    • Trade and investment and support institutions

    ITC concludes partnerships to extend the development impact of its publications. It works with international and national organizations to co-publish or license and customize content for the benefit of development projects. ITC also collaborates to write, review and promote its publications.



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