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    The Market Insider is a brand new service created by the International Trade Centre (ITC) built on a "blog" interface designed to provide readers with real time market intelligence on a range of sectors and themes of critical importance for sustainable international business development.

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    Topics covered are on floriculture, fruit juices, tropical fruits and vegetablesedible nutsessential oils and oleoresinsspices and medicinal plants. New sectors and themes are currently being developed. Please visit the Market Insider regularly to be first informed. Market Insider sector coverage will expand gradually based on demand and on our capacity to provide the real-time business intelligence service that our clients expect.

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    Market Insider actively monitors global and regional markets and directly brings readers forward looking insights and factual intelligence from a large network of business contacts, news aggregators and publishers. Follow Market Insider to keep track of today’s intelligence that can make a difference for tomorrow’s business.

    Social media

    The integration of social media in Market Insider allows users to interact with us directly from their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Please use the "Comment" feature on all our posts and make the online Market Insider experience even more interactive.


    Users are invited to submit their comments and observations to marketinsider[at]intracen.org.


    The ITC Market Insider is placed at the disposal of users for information only. It is not designed to replace the appropriate professional advice in any way.

    The pricing data is based on ITC sources and can change at any time.

    Although the International Trade Centre strives to keep the data current and accurate, errors can occur. ITC does not bear any liability for any inaccuracy, error, discrepancies in prices or related information.

    Mention of company names, commercial products and brand names does not imply endorsement by the International Trade Centre.

    For further information, please refer to the ITC Terms and Conditions, section 2.0 Disclaimers.


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