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    The Sustainability Standards website, also available at www.standardsmap.org, provides comprehensive, verified and transparent information on voluntary sustainability standards and other similar initiatives covering issues such as food quality and safety. The main objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters, policymakers and buyers, to participate in more sustainable production and trade.

    Sustainability Standards is an online platforms which enables its users to explore and compare over 210 ustainability standards, and build their personalized business' roadmap towards sustainable trade. Users, which include producers, manufacturers, brands, retailers, researchers and policymakers can:

    • identify standards or codes of conduct which apply to their own business;
    • review the main features of the selected standards and codes;
    • generate comparisons of standards’ content requirements;
    • self-assess their business against standard requirements, generate their personalized sustainability diagnostic report which traces out a roadmap towards sustainable trade;
    • save and share their sustainability diagnostic report with actors along the value chain via the Sustainability Network.

    The Sustainability Standards website aims to provide its users with solutions to the following issues: lack of a credible, central, and neutral repository for standards information; confusion over the proliferation of standards applied in international markets, developed by companies, industry associations and NGOs; audit fatigue at the suppliers’ level (example: buyers doing multiple audits of the same supplier of sugar originating from India); need for more transparency and comparability between companies’ audit protocols in order to create trust and mutual recognition: “one audit fits several companies”.

    Access Standards Map to identify and quickly-scan relevant standards.


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