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    12th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference
    25 - 26 October

    Pierre Méndes France Conference Centre, Bercy, Paris
    Hosted by Business France in partnership with ITC

     Trade and Investment Ecosystems: Delivering for Growth

    Trade and Investment Promotion Organizations (TIPOs)

    This is not a time for business as usual. International business is changing rapidly due to digital technology, shifts in trade policy and environmental protection trends. To create scale and accelerate impact for businesses, high performing TIPOs work as part of an inter-dependent ecosystem.

    At the WTPO conference, leaders in trade promotion and investment will be inspired by the latest thinking on business support ecosystems. This includes the role of a TIPO to be a catalyst for co-operation, to provide integrated services that improve the business environment and to support inclusive growth.

    Using a format of “provoquer, partager, pratiquer”, participants will have the chance to be challenged, to share and to apply new tools during the Keynotes, the Panel sessions and the Workshops.

    If you are the leader of a Trade Promotion Organization, you cannot afford to miss the WTPO Paris 2018 Conference.


    A vision for 2030: Partnerships to deliver more, better, faster. Global problems require global responses at scale. Delivering trade impact for good will require institutions to work more actively together to create scale and accelerate impact.

    Broad partnerships often require a shift in thinking. The keynote sessions will explore the vision of ecosystems for impact, identify challenges and propose solutions.

    Blurring boundaries: Industry 4.0 and the ecosystem response. Digital technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D manufacturing are changing the world of food processing and manufacturing, and shortening value chains. We will consider:

    • How this is changing the traditional relationships and connections between suppliers, producers, customers and consumers;
    • The implications for the work of TIPOs;
    • How TIPOs create additional value by being hyper connected to all of the value chain actors.


    Innovation at scale: Within an innovation ecosystem (incubators, angel and venture capital, universities etc.), how can TIPOs help build new businesses faster, and scale innovation for international success?

    Technology enablers: Sharing examples of digital solutions and innovative technology platforms to improve the connectedness and value of the institutional ecosystem.


    Navigate the ecosystem: How to identify actors, define, establish and measure the linkages, improve the effectiveness of the support system and create additional value for small business.

    Measure performance and impact: Tips and tricks for Identifying and defining shared goals within and ecosystem, aligning indicators to strategy, and a new approach to measuring and reporting on impact.


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    Book your diary now for an unmissable opportunity to shape the future of trade.

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