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A brief overview of the German Fruit Juice Market

  • A brief overview of the German fruit juice market

    by Market Insider

    Friday, 22 May. 2015

    Fruit juice industry in Germany is World Champion 

    Nowhere in the world are there so many juice manufacturers as in Germany. Every second fruit company of the European Union (EU), in total 375 companies, has its headquarters in this country. And the fruit juice consumption in Germany is, despite a slight decrease, the highest in the world. The consumption per capita currently is 32 litres of fruit juice, fruit nectar and vegetable juice. 'Germany is one of the largest markets, as well as volume as sales of fruit juice, in the world. The industry had a total revenue of 3.59 billion Euro in 2014, that is 5% more than the previous year,' said Klaus-Jürgen Philipp, the President of the Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry (VDF), at this year's members meeting in Lüneburg.

    Despite these encouraging figures, the overall situation of the industry is characterized by high costs, and a decline in fruit juice consumption. Positive developments in recent years are the concentrate juices, cooled juices and regional products. These offer new sales opportunities for the manufacturers. One important issue for the coming years and one the industry is very dedicated to according to Philip, is sustainability. Sustainability combined with a secure supply, is a challenge, which necessitates close cooperation of all parties in many countries.

    Facts and figures of the fruit juice industry in 2014 

    Total Sales: 3.6 billion Euro 

    Production volume: 3.7 billion litres

    Import: 1.26 billion Euro 

    Export: 1.18 billion Euro

    Consistent quality

    The juice industry in Germany consists largely of medium sized companies and can look back on a long tradition. For over 100 years fruit juices are produced in this country at the highest level. Based on this tradition, the members of the Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry work on the development of its products of tasty innovations, trend-oriented blends and new varieties with a high content of nutrients. Made of fruit and vegetables, selected on quality, in modern factories and tightly controlled by quality management systems, these innovative and high quality products together with the more traditional fruit juices and drinks guarantee a positive development of the fruit juice industry.

    For more information visit www.fruchtsaft.de  


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