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Less Flower Exporters in Costa Rica

  • Less Flower Exporters in Costa Rica

    by Market Insider

    Tuesday, 01 Apr. 2014

    Flower growers and exporters have decreased in almost 71% from 2009. The Chamber of Plants, Flowers and Foliage Exporters reduced its members from 93 to 27. This is why the exports of this industry have diminished.

    In 2012, Costa Rica exported flowers worth more than US$ 36 million, while in 2013 the value dropped to US$ 34 million. The sector reduced its participation in the national exports, according to Mónica Segnini, President of the Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica (CADEXCO). costa Rica cut fern shed

    In the case of ornamental plants, the export figures decreased from US$ 83 million in 2012 to US$ 77 million last year. This reduction has to do with two factors:

    'The first one is the exchange rate and the currency appreciation of the colón for three years.
    The second factor is that production costs in the country are much higher than in the countries we compete with in Europe and the United States', explained Segnini. 'And we have to remember that production of flowers have increased in some neighboring countries, like Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador; this creates more competition.'

    To date, 27 flower growers remain in the country and, in spite of the decrease in the number of exporters, they consider that the market has recovered and that it may improve even more with the appropriate measures.

    Source: HortiBiz/LaPrensaLibre










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