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Sweet potato potential in Honduras

  • Sweet potato potential in Honduras

    by Market Insider

    Wednesday, 19 Oct. 2016

    The sweet potato might be the most trending food of 2016; consumption in the Northern Hemisphere went rapidly up, with recipes and new ways to prepare the product all over magazines and food channels.

    The sweet potato is a robust and invigorating tuber whose potential showed favourable aspects and led to an increase in production in several places in Central America.

    In times of globalization and with growing demand for nutritious food, the sweet potato is in an emerging product which provides a healthy diet and can feed a lot of people due to its quite simple growing conditions.

    Production is all year around and plagues can be managed through biological pest control; through reusing, recycling and reduction of water during the production, the sweet potato additionally opens up the possibility to produce without compromising the eco system.

    A big part of the production of sweet potatoes in Honduras aims at women empowerment and transfer of know-how and assistance throughout the whole production cycle.

    Sweet potatoes may create more than 40.000 direct and indirect employments in Honduras; the supply chain is closely monitored to guarantee best quality and quick distribution on international markets.

    Working together with local small holder farmers, the producers are increasing production of a popular food and at the same time enable farmers to provide for the national consumption becoming an interface between a demanding market and the development aid.

    Source: Freshplaza

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