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  • As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, the International Trade Centre (ITC) makes available corporate documents, including annual reports, strategic plans, consolidated programme documents and financial reports.

    • Annual report

      The ITC Annual Report 2016 outlines the overall performance of ITC, financially, organizationally and in terms of the impact of the organization's work. The report provides an overview of ITC's delivery and achievements by focus area.

    • Strategic plan

      View ITC's Strategic plan

    • Operational plan

      View ITC's Operational plan

    • Impact stories

      View ITC's Impact stories booklet.

    • ‘One ITC’ Intervention Logic for International Competitiveness

      This document outlines ITC’s logic for interventions that enhance enterprise competitiveness. The international competitiveness of enterprises is a complex, multi-dimensional concept comprising three sets of factors. First, there are competitiveness factors internal to the enterprise, which include total factor productivity and the ability to constantly innovate. This includes the capability to link to markets and value chains and innovate through new knowledge, skills and technologies. Second, competitiveness is impacted by the efficiency of the policy and regulatory practices that shape the business environment in which they operate, and the related presence of efficient business service providers. Third, it is influenced by the ability of TSIs to provide a suite of services which is practical, in line with market needs and immediately usable by enterprises. Since 2014, all ITC interventions integrate gender, youth and sustainability dimensions of trade.

    • Financial reports

      View ITC's financial statements, proposed programme budget and information about financial resources.

    • Corporate brochure

      View ITC's Corporate brochure

    • ITC Fact sheet

      View ITC's Fact sheet

  • Corporate brochure

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