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  • Market Data and Information
  • A key challenge for exporters is the scarcity of reliable trade information on markets.

    They need to stay on top of competitive conditions in their current markets, scan opportunities for new markets, and look for opportunities to diversify or value-add to their existing product range.
  • Highlights

    Trade for Sustainable Development Forum 20173

    T4SD Forum to explore dynamics underlying existing and emerging models of collaboration


    Work moves forward on Afghanistan’s national export strategy.


    Helpdesk to strengthen economic ties between the EU and nine Mediterranean partners, as well as between Mediterranean countries themselves.

    State of sustainable markets_thumb

    The latest market data on key Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) is presented in "The State of Sustainable Markets 2017" report. The 2017 edition was presented yesterday at the Global Sustainability Standards Conference at the World Trade Center in Zurich, Switzerland, where the key results were showcased.


    Latest in ITC series designed to help small businesses comply with trade-related standards

    One-third of European Union firms face export obstacles, joint ITC-EU study finds2

    ITC survey examines how burdensome regulations affect EU exporters, finds that 80% of obstacles are found in partner countries.

  •     World Tariff Profiles 2011
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