Regional meeting of TIPOs of Arab countries

Training or workshop
Date22 Nov. 2016
ITC ContactMehdi CHAKER


The World TPO Network Conference - 2016 hosted by Maroc Export presented a unique momentum to embark on the process of setting-up the Arab TIPO network. The event had the following objectives: • Introduce a concept of regional TIPO network and present the best international practices from different parts of the world, such as ETPO, ATPF, SAARC-TPN etc.; • Initiate the discussion about strategic objectives, vision, goals, outlining commitments of member organizations of Arab TIPO network along with its mandate, governance structure, key areas of cooperation etc.; • Agree on the concrete steps to set-up the network, including distribution of work and responsibilities among the member organizations, functioning of a working group, the Terms of reference for the expert who will provide assistance throughout the preparation process.