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Armenia develops greenhouse flowers production

  • Armenia develops greenhouse flowers production

    by Market Insider

    Friday, 04 Jul. 2014

    Artavazd Hakobyan, mayor of the rural community of Goght in the Republic of Armenia's Kotayk Province, is betting that greenhouse flower cultivation would pull the area out of the economic depression and into prosperity.

    The main players in the recent launching of hot houses in Goght are two companies co-founded by Aram Gharibyan, the main advisor to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. The companies already have a number of greenhouses in operation. Some of the land was directly purchased from local residents.

    Some 160 people now work for the company and the number will grow to 180 by month’s end, according to the mayor and says that another 300 are busy constructing a new hothouse. Nevertheless, Mayor Hakobyan said that last year the company donated 6 million AMD towards the construction of a new water pipe.
    Mayor Hakobyan says that due to the burgeoning flower business there is no one left in Goght receiving state assistance. He says that the companies first hire those on welfare and single mothers.

    In conversation with the mayor it became obvious that the greenhouse sector is headed for further growth and that it would encircle all of Goght’s communal lands.

    Mayor Hakobyan says that there are plans to create hothouse operations on 100-120 hectares, of which some 60-70 will be on land in the neighbouring village of Garni.

    Source : hetq.am

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