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2016 Funding overview

  • ITC funding overview

    ITC’s 2016 overall budget as per the ITC Operational Plan 2016 (OP Budget) amounted to $86.3 million: $35.9 million RB and $50.4 million XB. Within the XB proportion, $11.8 million was channelled through W1 and $38.6 million was channelled through W2. At the end of 2016, overall delivery reached $84.1 million, 97% of the overall budget.

    Monetary support is complemented with in-kind contributions of ITC’s public and private partners that add value to its trade-related technical assistance (TRTA) and increase both resources and the scope of its delivery.

    Government institutions, the private sector, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, universities and other entities provide co-investment, goods and services either through specific ITC initiatives or directly to project beneficiaries.

    This occurs through:

    • Joint events, training courses and other capacity-building activities;
    • Provision of technical expertise, facilities, tools, logistic and operational support; and
    • Human resources and advisory services.

    ITC Total Operational Budget 2016

    Figure 1: ITC Total Operational Budget 2016

    ITC 2016 budget and delivery ($ million)
    2016 RB and XB delivery by focus area ($ million)


    ITC’s delivery by United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development 2016


    ITC’s delivery pattern by source of funding 2010 – 2016 ($ million)

    Figure 4: ITC’s delivery pattern by source of funding 2010 – 2016 ($ million)

  • ITC partnerships with the private sector