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  • General information

    Official nameZurich Chamber of Commerce
    AddressBleicherweg 5, Postfach 3058
    Telephone(41) 1 217 40 50
    Fax(41) 1 217 40 51
    The Court of Arbitration is part of the Zurich Chamber of Commerce. The Zurich Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1873 in order to further the economic terms of reference affecting all fields of industry and commerce. Since 1911, the Zurich Chamber of Commerce has offered institutional arbitration to resolve out-of-court disputes between enterprises and individuals in Switzerland and abroad.
    The Zurich Chamber of Commerce provides the services of an internationally acknowledged Court of Arbitration. In conducting the arbitration the Arbitral Tribunal is independent of the Chamber of Commerce.


    Model Clause  
    International Arbitration Rules of Zurich Chamber of Commerce (1989)  

    Last update : 2005-01-01
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