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SME Competitiveness

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    This year’s report focuses on regions as a stepping stone to international value chains for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It provides new evidence showing that deep regional integration is good for SMEs. These agreements can be both powerful and inclusive.

    The report combines data analysis, academic insights, thought leader opinions and case studies to provide guidance for policymakers, business managers and trade and investment support institutions.

    The report provides:

    • Guidance on how policymakers can make their region more attractive for value chains; 
    • ‘SME guide to value chains’ on how SMEs can make the most of value chain activity; 
    • Ways trade and investment support institutions can cooperate at the regional level; 
    • Assessment of the potential of different regions for value chain activity; 
    • Success stories of value chain integration in: Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Kenya and Morocco; 
    • Success stories of five SMEs that grew to become global leaders using the regional as a platform for internationalization.