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      Why SMEs are the bedrock of the Liberian transformation agenda

      Slowly but surely, Liberia is rising. Since 2003, the country has enjoyed peace, two democratic elections, and the economic recovery has been progressing steadily in the past decade. For a country traumatized by years of conflict and instability, these are important achievements. With the Ebola crisis behind us, we are now looking to the future...

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      In business, David and Goliath should sometimes work together

      Competition has been the engine behind business and supply chains since the two sprung into existence. Even back when the first people swapped goods and bartered for services – and when the term ‘supply chain’ was millennia away from being coined – competition was a driving force...


      Risk management and readiness to change within international value chains

      In the last three to four decades, advances in technology and an enabling policy environment have allowed businesses to internationalize their operations across multiple locations in order to increase efficiency, lower costs, speed up production, and provide new opportunities to millions of workers...


      Learning to grow: Revitalizing the SME agenda

      That SMEs are critical to inclusive growth has become axiomatic. SMEs employ a large share of workers in developing countries – the largest share in lower income countries – and create more jobs than larger firms...


      The World SME Forum and the B20 agenda

      The Turkish Presidency of the G20 centres on the principles of inclusivity, implementation and investment as the main pillars to re-establish a healthy global economy. These priorities are both pragmatic and far-reaching...

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