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Women in IT and the Netherlands Trust Fund


    Gender diversity is profitable. A recent global survey of firms across 91 countries shows a strong link between presence of women in corporate leadership positions and positive firm performance. In the technology sector, companies with more women in managerial positions have been shown to achieve 34% higher return on investment. But that’s not all. When more women work, economies grow. In addition to increased economic growth and gender equality, women’s participation in the labour force also improves children’s health and education.


    The Netherlands Trust Fund (NTF) projects actively contribute to increasing the share of women in leadership positions in the IT sector, ensuring gender equality in three countries traditionally scoring low in the gender-related development index (GDI) published by UNDP. NT FIV puts on a special emphasis on providing capacity building and opportunities for women in IT in order to contribute to job creation and entrepreneurship promotion in all three countries.

    Past activities from NTF III for women in IT include:

    • “Women in IT” synergy event in Dubai in the context of the IT technology fair GITEX in October 2014
    • Organization of women delegations to trade fairs and business events such as Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum (WVEF) 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and WVEF 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey, and Connected East Africa 2015 in Mombasa, Kenya
    • Continuous outreach and showcasing of women entrepreneurs through a wide variety of media platforms such as videos, articles and social media
    • Targeted training on creating value proposition and pitching for business, among many others


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