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  • Title:Crafts Center at the CHF International
    Language(s):English, Spanish
    Also available at: http://www.craftscenter.org

    Web site of the Crafts Center, an international non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of low-income artisans around the world by increasing their economic independence and supporting crafts production that respects fair trade and labour practices, cultural traditions, and the environment. Provides a quarterly newsletter 'Crafts News' featuring practical and timely updates on market trends and trade regulations, providing sources of assistance, successful artisan projects, and crafts-related publications and events.

    Keyword(s):Artisanal products, Crafts, Creative Industries, NGOs, Poverty Reduction
    Publisher:Crafts Center at CHF International,
    8601 Georgia Avenue,Suite 800,Washington, D.C., 20910, United States.
    Phone: +1-301-587-4700, Fax: +1-301-587-7315, Email: craftscenter@chfhq.org, URL: http://www.craftscenter.org
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