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  • Site Name:Virtual Library on Microcredit
    Corporate Author(s):Global Development Research Center

    The Virtual Library on Microcredit is intended to be a repository of information on alternative, non-conventional financial systems and microcredit issues. It is updated on a regular basis and contains lots of resources including documents, case studies, and links to other sites.

    Keyword(s):Microfinancing, Reference Materials
    Publisher:Global Development Research Center,
    1-5-1-1013, Mori Minami Machi, Higashi Nada ku,,Kobe, 658-0011, Japan.
    Phone: +81-50-5534-5535, Fax: +81-78-452-8414, Email:, URL:
    Type of Document/Material:Website
    Compiled by : ITC/Trade Information Reference Centre
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