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  • Site Name:Organic-Europe
    Corporate Author(s):Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

    Organic-Europe gives an overview of organic farming in 25 European countries. Each country report covers the following information: agriculture in general, history and development of organic agriculture, development of organic agriculture in figures, land use and production, organic agriculture organisations, standards and certification, state regulations, implementation of Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91, state support, policy initiatives, implementation of Agenda 2000, training, advisory service, research situation, challenges and outlook. The site also gives useful related links providing information on events, publications, research, European organic farming statistics, EU bodies and other organizations.

    Keyword(s):Agriculture, Cyprus, Czech Republic, EFTA, Estonia, European Union, Hungary, Organic Food, Poland, Slovenia
    Publisher:Forschungsinstitut für Biologischen Landbau = Research Institute of Organic Agriculture,
    Ackerstrasse / Postfach,Frick, 5070, Switzerland.
    Phone: +41 62 8657-272, Fax: +41 62 8657-273, Email: admin@fibl.ch, URL: http://www.fibl.org
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