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Countries / Territories

  • General Union of Chambers of Com., Ind. and Agri. for Arab Countries
     Contact:Mr. Elias Ghantous 
    Secretary General
     Address:Chili Street, off Verdun Street
    P.O. Box 11-2837
    (009611) 814269-70
    (009611) 862841 
     Type of organization  :Non-governmental organization (international/regional), Chamber of commerce and industry 
     Services :Export+Import: National production and foreign trade statistics (on request),
    Export+Import: Info. on national/regional foreign trade regulations (on request),
    Export+Import: Info. on national health and technical regulations (on request),
    Export+Import: Lists of manufacturers, exporters, importers, etc. (on request),
    Export+Import: Publications on country/territory/region (guide to traders) (on request),
    Export+Import: Info. on trade events/participation in trade fairs (on request),
    Export+Import: Info. on market prospects (on request),
    Compiled by : ITC Trade Information Reference Centre