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  • General information

    Official name Spoljnotrgovinska Arbitraza pri Privrednoj Komorii Jugoslavije
    Address Terazije 23/VII
    City Belgrad
    Country Serbia and Montenegro
    Telephone 381 11/3248 042 / 3248 123 ext. 457 / 3345 056
    The Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration was founded in 1947 as a permanent arbitration institution at the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is an autonomous and private (non-governmental) body, independent also of the Chamber.
    The Court settles disputes arising from international business relations under its Rules or the UNCITRAL 1976 Arbitration Rules. It resolves disputes to which international air traffic or maritime law is applicable; disputes involving mixed-ownership enterprises, foreign investment contracts, concession contracts, intellectual property rights transfers and so forth. At the parties' request, the Court conducts conciliation proceedings in cases that may fall within its jurisdiction, even when it has not been stipulated in the arbitration agreement.


      English French Spanish
    Model Clause      
    Rules of the Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration at the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce (2001)      

    Last update : 2005-01-01
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