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  • General information

    Official name Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration
    Address 1, Al Saleh Ayoub Street
    City Zamalek Cairo
    Country Egypt
    Telephone (202) 7351333 / 7351335/ 7351337
    Fax (202) 7351336
    CRCICA is an International Organization operating in Egypt since 1979 by virtue of an international agreement signed between the Egyptian Government and the Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (having more than 45 member-states). Since that time, CRCICA has administered domestic and international cases - on the basis of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (institutionally adapted and slightly amended) with parties from all around the world. The Centre has a branch which deals exclusively with maritime cases: the Alexandria Centre for Maritime Arbitration (ACIMA).
    CRCICA administers both domestic and international arbitration cases. To help promote arbitration and other ADRs, CRCICA has developed since the early 80s continuous educational programs.Beside holding regular arbitration training courses on the peaceful settlement of international commercial and investment disputes, CRCICA holds international investment and trade related conferences.


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    Model Clause      
    The Cairo Centre's Rules of Arbitration      
    The Cairo Centre's Rules of Conciliation      
    The Cairo Centre's Rules of Mediation      
    The Cairo Centre's Rules of Technical Expertise      

    Last update : 2006-06-09
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