ITC hosts a contest to select companies to participate in China International Fair for Trade in Services

With the support from the Ministry of Commerce of China, ITC’s “Expanding Developing Country Services Export through China International Fair for Trade in Services” (CIFTIS) project will fund, on a cost-sharing basis*, 15 SME services exporters from developing countries to participate in the upcoming China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) to be held in Beijing from May 28th to June 1st 2016. More information about the trade fair can be found on this website.

ITC is hosting a contest to select the best companies to be sponsored by the project to participate in the CIFTIS trade fair. We invite exporters from developing countries engaged in services trade/e-commerce/digital trade to submit inspiring stories to take part in the contest. Your stories would be the determining factor for winning the contest.

The stories collected through the contest will also contribute to ITC’s study on e-commerce and digital trade of developing countries. The main objective of the study is to:

- illustrate through research and concrete case examples, the export potential of developing countries through e-commerce and digital trade,

- explore ideas on innovative business solutions in promoting e-commerce and services exports,

- identify the major challenges and bottlenecks and provide suggestions on how to create a more conducive environment to boost export from the developing countries, particularly through the internet, e-commerce and digital trade.

Please read the following guidelines carefully

The deadline for submitting the stories is 6 March 2016. The list of winners will be announced on 28 March 2016.

We will only contact the companies that have submitted the most interesting stories to get further information and to formulate case stories to be included in the study.
If your case/ story is selected for the study, you will win the following exciting prizes:

1. One return economy flight ticket per company from your city to Beijing, for the duration of the CIFTIS

2. Display space at the ITC booth in the CIFTIS pavilion to showcase your company’s offerings and expand your company’s network

3. An opportunity to participate in B2B meetings to meet prospective buyers

4. An opportunity to share your story at the ITC forum on E-Commerce and Digital Trade for Development, which will be held at the CIFTIS


* Please note that all other expenses associated with participation at the CIFTIS, e.g. accommodation and meals, local transportation, company promotional materials and activities, etc. will be borne by the companies. The contest prize only consists of one return economy flight to Beijing per company, admission to the trade fair and free display space in the ITC booth.

Company Profile


Contact information


Your story

Stories submitted to the contest should meet the following criteria:

Real-life cases that you or your company has experienced in exporting services through digital trade, or exporting products through e-commerce. This could be:

1. A concrete example of an innovative digital solution to a specific challenge that you have encountered in exporting a service or a product through e-commerce

2. A challenge related to e-commerce and digital trade that your company has not managed to cope with, and therefore needs the attention from policy makers

3. A story about how your company has used the internet, e-commerce, digital tools to boost export.

Please note that your business does not necessarily have to be in the IT/BPO sector. Any stories on how e-commerce and digital technology have helped to boost your exports are welcome.

Please also note that we are not looking for general success stories, e.g. the company grew from 10 to 100 employees in 5 years. We are looking for specific cases that help illustrate opportunities and challenges that companies in developing countries face in services exports through digital trade and product export through e-commerce.
Please enter your story in the textbox below; the story should be in principle, no more than 200 words.

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