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  •  Vol.8 N° 12(2) - Supplement 2 - 31 December 2007        

    EU's Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with ACP

     Vol.8 N° 12(2) - December 2007        

    WTO: WTO World Trade Report 2007 celebrates six decades of multilateralism.

    Doha Round: Agriculture Chair circulates four next text. Groups report back on services requests.
    Accessions: WTO welcomes Cape Verde.

    Dispute Settlement: WTO awards USD 21 million in online gam-bling case. Compensation package agreed in Internet gambling case. WTO panel to investigate US farm subsidies.

    Trade Policy Review: Turkey.

    Other Trade News: Kazakhstan has amended its custom code. New highway will help Viet Nam to export. Funding for trade facilitation in Central Asia. Freight by rail between North and South Korea.
    Free Trade Agreements

     Vol.8 N° 12(1) - December 2007        

    Doha Round: Rules texts seek "balance"
    Accessions: Cape Verde's accession bid to be submitted to WTO before year-end. Ukraine WTO accession delayed. MEDT: Russia's accession talks in final stages

    Dispute Settlement: China agrees to end subsidies. US blocks two panel requests on farm sub-sidies. Appellate body rules in EU-Brazil retread tyres case. DRAMs: Appellate body upholds panel ruling

    Intellectual Property: DR-CAFTA provisions on IPR under debate at UN Committee. EU accepts TRIPS amendment on compul-sory licensing. Indonesia considers compulsory licences on second-line ARVs
    Trade Policy Review: Thailand
    Free Trade Agreements


     Vol.8 N° 11(2) - November 2007        

    Aid for Trade: Lamy: Ultimate aim of Aid fro Trade talks "to enhance donors' contributions". ITC reports on consultations with business over Aid for Trade.
    Accessions: Ukraine protocol with Kyrgyz Republic opens door to end 2007 accession. Bosnia and Herzegovina: one more step. Laos membership bid speeds up

    Agriculture: Members respond to question over agriculture measures

    Intellectual Property: WIPO IP business tool for SMEs
    Progress reported at IGWG talks. Study praises Brazil AIDS drugs policy
    Trade Remedies: Number of anti-dumping investigations falls. EU reviews trade defence instruments
    Trade Policy Review: Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
    Free Trade Agreements


     Vol.8 N° 11(1) - November 2007        

    Doha Round: Drafting a services text: countries provide elements. NAMA text delayed
    Accessions: Hopes for Cape Verde accession by year-end. Yemen sets 2009 target for WTO accession. Ukraine postpones WTO accession until late 2008
    Trade Policy Review: Peru

    Environment: New UK certification for organic produce
    Free Trade Agreements


     Vol.8 N° 10(2) - October 2007        

    Doha Round: NAMA discussion: Proposals from India and SVEs. ACP Group responds to July draft "modalities" proposal. IBSA leaders: Doha agreement possible before end 2007
    Accessions: Comoros WTO accession bid launched. Minister: Ukraine's WTO entry depends on when parliament starts operating. Geneva talks on Russia's accession pass "positively and constructively".

    Dispute Settlement: China blocks US first panel request on market access fro copyright products. DSB adopts panel report on Turkey's restrictions to rice imports. EU vehicle manufacturers go to court over Chinese "copycat" models. Brazil wins WTO cotton ruling
    Trade Policy Review: Gabon.
    Free Trade Agreements


     Vol.8 N° 10(1) - October 2007        

    Doha Round: Mandelson appeals to IBSA to bolster
    Round. Rift over industrial tariffs. Cotton: 10 US senators call for "significant changes" in Falconner text. WTO members request draft text on services.

    Accessions: Russian accession Working Party to meet
    in October.

    Trade Policy Review: Cameroon.

    Other Trade News: China and the EU agree on system to monitor textiles imports in 2008. New International Coffee Agreement approved.
    Free Trade Agreements

     Vol.8 N° 9(2) - September 2007        

    Doha Round: US agrees subsidy cuts in Falconer range. Mandelson: "we nearly have a deal on the key issues".

    Dispute Settlement: Panel issues report on Turkish rice import restrictions. WTO extends deadline in gambling dispute. Brazil, Canada join forces on US agriculture subsidies. China challenges US measures on coated paper.

    Intellectual Property: Results form just-completed major study conducted by the Japan Office of the WIPO.

    Trade Policy Review: Panama
    Regional Integration: CAN welcome Venezuela's possible return.

    Free Trade Agreements

    ITC Events: The Private Sector and Aid for Trade

     Vol.8 N° 9(1) - September 2007        

    Doha Round: APEC leaders call for successful conclusion of Doha Round

    Dispute Settlement: Panel to look into China's tax refunds. US repeals Byrd Amendment, Japan continues sanctions. US implements DSB recommendations on shrimp, OCTG. Mexico set to implement DSB ruling on steel pipes and tubes from Guatemala. EU to appeal point of reasoning in Brazil retreaded tyre ban.

    Intellectual Property: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): China blocks US WTO panel request. WIPO issues upgraded statistics on patenting worldwide.

    Regional Integration: "Regional" and "multilateral". Ministers debate economic commitment to Doha. APEC to accelerate Asia-Pacific economic integration.

    Free Trade Agreements

     Vol.8 N° 8(2) - August 2007        

    Doha Round: President Mwanawasa: prolonged breakdown of talks not in the interest of Africa. Canada, Mexico and USA reaffirm commitment to Doha Round. Doha: a matter of trust.

    Accessions: Sweden opposes Russia's export duties. Ukraine on track in WTO bid.

    Dispute Settlement: US panel request over China's IPR protection and enforcement. Cotton: preliminary panel report upholds Brazil's complaints on US subsidies. WTO Dispute Settlement Body met end of July.

    Food Aid: US charity announces decision to phase out monetised food aid.

    Regional Integration: EAC common market and EU EPA top EAC Summit Agenda. SADC Free Trade Area by 2008.

    Free Trade Agreements

     Vol.8 N° 8(1) - August 2007        

    Accessions: Tonga formally accedes to WTO. Russia's WTO accession bid: agreement on ten sections of the working party report.

    Aid for Trade: Aid for Trade under review

    Other Trade News: Unsubsidised agriculture: A New Zealand story. "Food miles" vs. "ecological space". Indian court dismisses drugs patent case
    Free Trade Agreements

     Vol.8 N° 7(2) - Supplement 30 July 2007        

    WTO circulates revised draft modalities on Agriculture and NAMA to members.

     Vol.8 N° 7(2) - July 2007        

    Doha Round: High level of commitment to Doha round. India-Brazil-South Africa: agriculture "cornerstone" of WTO talks. Agriculture and NAMA chairs circulate blueprints.
    Dispute Settlement: US requests WTO panel on Chinese subsidies. US requests consultations with China over films and music rights. Brazil targets US farm support. Second panel hearing over EU-China auto parts dispute. South Korean DRAMs: dispute panel issues report. India: EU suspends WTO panel. Bananas: DSB sets up compliance panel.

    Aid for Trade: A further EUR 500,000 for DDA Global Trust Fund.

    Subsidies & Countervailing Measures: Export subsidy programmes.

    Council for Trade in Goods: WTO Goods Council approves waivers for Mongolia and the US.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Bahrein
    Free Trade Agreements

     Vol.8 N° 7(1) - July 2007        

    Doha Round: Lamy: relatively small concessions" needed for Doha agreement. APEC Trade Ministers Release DDA Statement. Mandelson: EU to play "constructive role" at WTO talks. G10 communiqué highlights "sensitivities" in agriculture. Business leaders increase pressure for Doha trade deal. 8 countries propose "middle ground" for industrial tariffs. Trade Promotion Authority expires.
    Dispute Settlement: India scraps "additional charges". US request panel to review EU's banana regime.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Indonesia
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 6(2) - June 2007        

    Doha Round: Lamy tells TNC "The target has not changed". G4 talks break down.
    Dispute Settlement: Antigua &  Barbuda to seek over US$ 3.4 billion compensation. Dispute panel set up US/India additional duties cases. Brazil blocks panel request on resins. US blocks panel request on corn.
    Intellectual Property Rights: Wipo development agenda progresses. Ethiopia and Starbucks sign agreement
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Central African Republic
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 6(1) - June 2007        

    Doha Round: G4 talks break down

    Accessions: Strong support for Iraq accession from Working Party Members. DG Lamy gives boost to Russia's WTO bid.
    Dispute Settlement: DSB establishes panel in EU-US "zeroing" dispute. OCGT: Argentina threatens sanctions. India blocks US dispute panel request.
    Aid for Trade: DDAGTF receives two more contributions.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: India
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 5(2) - May 2007        

    Doha Round: Chair issues 2nd "challenges paper". G4 Ministers hold "productive2 talks in Brussels. US appoints Special Doha Agricultural Envoy.

    Dispute Settlement: EU requests dispute settlement panel on "zeroing".

    Aid for Trade:US, Lithuania make donations to DDAGTF.

    Intellectual Property Rights: US announces new IP provisions for FTAs.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Costa Rica
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 5(1) - May 2007        

    Doha Round: Lamy: current challenge "more political than technical". Agriculture Chair seeks to identify convergence of views.

    Accessions: Lebanon's WTO accession application moves to draft report phase. EU, Georgia and US comment Russia's WTO accession process.

    Dispute Settlement: DSB sets up 3 panels. EC notifies increased sanctions in "Byrd Amendment". EU threatens action against US biodiesel subsidy. EU and Mexico join US piracy complaint against China.

    Aid for Trade: regional reviews. Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, china contribute to DDAGTF.

    Intellectual Property Rights: Compulsory licenses: countries override patents.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Macao.
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 4(2) - April 2007        

    Doha Round: Lamy calls for "serious substantive engagement". Doha issues: Cairns Group seeks convergence.

    Accessions: Algerian national committee endorses 11 accession issues.

    Dispute Settlement: Appellate body confirms 2005 OCTG panel ruling

    Aid for Trade: A further EUR 500,000 for DDA Global Trust Fund
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Canada.
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 4(1) - April 2007        

    Doha Round: Constructive G6 resolve to conclude Doha talks by end 2007. "Fast track" 90-day deadline passes.

    Accessions: Russia update: complete talks mid-year, accede year-end. Ukraine talks with US about WTO accession.

    Dispute Settlement: WTO panel rules against US in gambling dispute. US files IPR and market access cases against China.

    Aid for Trade: Spain contributes to three WTO funds.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Australia.
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 3(2) - March 2007        

    Doha Round: Constructive engagement at G33 meeting. Civil society call to G33. Doha: no outcome without agreement on cotton. Services "enchiladas talks". "Sensitive" and "Tropical" products: new proposals from Cairns Group.

    Sanitary & Phytosanitary Measures: Private standards debated at SPS meeting
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: The European Union.
    Other WTO news: Goods Council: no accord on textiles and clothing.
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 3(1) - March 2007        

    Doha Round: Little progress during bilateral talks. Norway, Luxembourg donate to DDAGTF.

    Accessions: Gref: Russia "fulfilling all the commitments".
    Dispute settlement: Bananas: Ecuador to request panel. Chinese paper: US to decide anti-subsidy tariffs.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Argentina.
    Intellectual Property: Agreement on WIPO Development Agenda

    Business and Regional integration
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 2(2) - February 2007        

    Doha Round: Japan holds bilateral talks. The Doha Round and reforms to US farm subsidies. Series of talks on services.

    Accessions: US-Azerbaijan Commission looks at WTO bid. Viet Nam to help Laos WTO bid.
    Dispute settlement: Japan considers joining China WTO complaint.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Japan
    Intellectual Property: US considers IP complaint at WTO.
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

     Vol.8 N° 2(1) - February 2007        

    Doha Round: WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy: "We have resumed negotiations fully across the board." Ministers support "resumption of full scale negotiations". "Single desk monopolies" should be scrapped for Doha.
    Brazil's da Silva calls on business to participate. Food aid: FAO urges reform.

    Accessions:Upbeat note on Russia's WTO accession deal with Georgia.
    Dispute settlement: US files WTO case against China on subsidies. WTO Panel issues report on US anti-dumping measures on shrimp from Ecuador.
    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Chad
    Intellectual Property: Congress calls for public-private partnerships to combat counterfeit and piracy.
    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events


     Vol.8 N° 1(2) - January 2007        

    Doha Round: Flurry of activity to put Round back on track. East Asia Summit calls for restart of Doha talks "ass soon as possible".
    Dispute settlement: Resins: Argentina requesting consultations with Brazil. Argentina challenges Chilean measures on milk products. Canada requests consultations on US corn subsidies. Indonesia requests compliance panel. Appellate Body issues report on US-Japan anti-dumping case.

    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events

    News in brief


     Vol.8 N° 1(1) - January 2007        

    Doha Round: Round could be concluded in 2007. Series of talks revives optimism on stalled trade negotiations. World trade: WTO highlights developing countries' growing role. Germany donates EUR 1 million for technical assistance and training. Doha Round 2006 revisited.
    Accessions: Viet Nam to join WTO on 11 January 2007. Russia signs protocol with Moldova.
    Dispute settlement: WTO issues report on Argentina-Chile dispute. WTO issues report on Argentina-US anti-dumping dispute.
    Trade Policy Review: New anti-dumping investigations continue to decline-increase in new final measures.

    Sanitary & Phytosanitary Measures: Agencies agree plan for assistance in food safety, animal/plant health.

    Trade Policy Review: Country profile: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China (HKSAR)

    Government Procurement: Accord on revised WTO Government Procurement Agreement.

    Free Trade Agreements
    ITC events
    News in brief